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                 True3 Digital Mattress Systems

Our therapeutic support surface includes the highest quality of true Three-Cell Alternating Technology.


Digitally controlled cyclical cell movement provides pressure alternation beyond compare. The True3 digital mattress system is new and exciting technology that does not follow in the footsteps of standard body mass distribution or fluid immersion of pressure. Rather cyclically alternates a series of three cells through the system to insure that one-third of the body is changed to a higher, moderate or lower pressure every two to three minutes.  


Cyclic alternation of pressure prevents arterial and venous capillary occlusion in surface tissue – maintaining and stimulating the flow of blood and lymphatic fluids through these tissues to provide essential oxygen and remove metabolic waste. Incorporating cell in cell design with a three cell alternation cycle, this mattress combines optimum user comfort with superior clinical performance.

True3 digital Mattress System

This system is indicated for the Prevention & Treatment of Pressure Ulcers. 

Prevention through Stage IV Pressure Ulcers, Flaps and Grafts. 

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