TrueKAST Total Contact Casting System

TrueKAST with Quicksaw Technology

The TrueKast Total Contact Cast was borne of necessity as more and more clinicians searched for a true total contact casting system that was more traditional than the newly renovated systems available today. The TrueKAST with Quicksaw Technology is the answer to that search.  


The TCC has been the gold standard for offloading diabetic foot ulcers for decades, however manufacturers have moved further and further from that standard attempting to re-engineer the TCC adding components such as boots and shoes.  Our system has no requirement of a boot or a shoe and because of the attached walking surface. Our system forces compliance while wearing a TCC.  We continually trial new formats and designs, as long as those designs stay true to the traditional principles of a total contact cast.


Thanks to our clinicians and their knowledge of wound care, we have developed a TCC system that is quick to apply, lighter weight than most, shorter length of limb, a more nature gait, and forces compliance, all while utilizing traditional standards of the original idea of TCC.

Education and Assistance


WoundKair Concepts is known for its detailed education and assistance. Preparation of video education based on your needs and your application process will be at your fingertips as well as the understanding that when you need a representative onsite we are just a phone call away.

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